Scarlet Tanager showing off
New Orleans Garden District
After a few days of Mardi Gras, even the trees are sporting beads!
Bourbon Street Revels.
The leftovers
Party!!! Mardi Gras was EPIC!!!
"The" Intersection
Fairy Princess
First Nations of New Orleans area.
The Babydoll Girls-after the parade
Still looking fine
Working it.
We caught a few hours of the Zulu parade-Mardi Gras
"White" faces. (!?!)
My favourite float
More leftovers
French Quarter with the Big Easy Downtown in the background
I was worried this guy might frown his lips right off.
Cotton Candy
So pretty
Chihuahua giving me the stink eye
"Pele, goddess of Fire" as she introduced herself. Check the contacts.
Fairy... Godmother?
Some of the revelers on Bourbon Street
Gorgeous Creole Girl
We all became bead whores that night.
I got to touch this!
And from this side too!
"Bi-sexual" couple
One of my fave costumes downtown.
Tim Burton runaway cast member?
Some of these shuttered doors were only about 18" across
Beautifully cloured flower
Mmmmm, crawfish gumbo! It smelled amazing.
The market by the river
It was hard not to fill my bags with Mardi Gras trinkets.
Heh heh
Bought a couple voodoo wish dolls here
Hamming it up for me
Handsome Blues Singer
Cute pout
What a perfect shot for New Orleans
French Quarter balcony
Our swamp tour-baby aligator
Kinda cute for a cold blooded swamp critter
Awww, dang!
Bird's nest... can't say what kind of bird, I forgot, but it was big.
Egret in perfect form.
Mossy swamp trees, so mysterious
Into a smaller bayou for a closer look at the swamp
My favourite part of the tour
Pretty water lily
Blue Heron
Heading out of town
The sweetest smelling wild flowers
Giant old oak, there was a warm wind blowing and the air smelled sweet.
Oak Alley Plantation. To me, this represents slavery and oppression.
Crawfish waiting for the pot... nom nom nom
The Gulf of Mexico close to Galveston Texas
An Angry Bird on the ferry
Seagulls diving for crackers
Handsome seagull.